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Ethereum API Configuration


Trademen provides ETH API for interacting with ETH node. To enable ETH API you need to go to Application Control > Application Settings > Api Settings > Ethereum from sidebar nav.

Ethereum Settings

Coin Settings

Select the Ethereum API from coin settings as bellow:

Ethereum Coin Settings

Ethereum Websocket Configuration

Ethereum node does not notify while a deposit/withdrawal occurs. So,we build a command that receives a new blockhead and process when a block mined into the blockchain. In order to run it continuously, it needs to run by a process manager. Here we use supervisord for our process manager.

Supervisor Configuration

Supervisor configuration files are typically stored in the /etc/supervisor/conf.d directory. Within this directory, you may create any number of configuration files that instruct supervisor how your processes should be monitored. For example, let's create a ethereum.conf file that starts and monitors a ethereum websocket process:

command=php /var/www/html/project_directory/artisan ethereum:websocket

Once the configuration file has been created, you may update the Supervisor configuration and start the processes using the following commands:

supervisorctl reread

supervisorctl update

supervisorctl start ethereum

You need to run the following command to check if your supervisor is running successfully.

supervisorctl status