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Omni Layer API Configuration

Trademen provides Omni Layer API for interacting with Omnicore node. To enable Omni Layer API you need to go to Application Control > Application Settings > Api Settings > Omni Layer Coin Name from sidebar nav. If you want to configure another Omni Layer coin like USDT then select USD Tether.

Note: If you didn't select the coin API from coin setting API section then you couldn't find the API settings here. So first you have to select the API from the coin settings

Coin API Settings

Fill out all the form fields except SSL Cert File Location field and update the setting. If you want to use ssl certificate to communicate with BTC altcoin node then fill SSL Cert File Location field otherwise it won't necessary.

Omni Layer Coin Settings

Omni Layer Node Configuration

Omni Layer is build on top of Bitcoin node. So the Omni Layer node installation almost like Bitcoin node installation. To allow RPC call from your system add the following setting into your Bitcoin node config file

rpcallowip=    #Your server IP address

To active wallet notify you may add the following setting into your Bitcoin node config file. Before adding the setting make sure this URL works perfectly. To check the you need to visit the URL from your browser if it return blank then it's ok. If your coin symbol is other than USDT then you need to change USDT to your coin symbol form the URL.


Note: After every change to your Bitcoin config file. Don't forget to restart the Omnicored daemon

Check the following link to install Omnicore Node: Omnicore Node Installation